So here we are – no book, no show… Nothing but our imaginations to fill the void while we wait for word that The Winds of Winter is finished, or for the start date of Game of Thrones Season 7. It’s a dangerous time, when tinfoil (or just plain dumb) theories abound (Tyrion the time-traveling fetus and R+L=J+M come to mind) and fans become desperate for any tidbit of news. Unfortunately for us, those tidbits have been few and far between.

Last week, my guest poster Caroline had some good suggestions for filler shows, and doubtless there are many more that could provide a distraction. I took a bit of a summer hiatus from this blog, but I plan to continue my prediction posts and theory discussions in the coming months to provide some outlet for impatient fans. Hopefully we will get some casting and filming news as production for Game of Thrones Season 7 kicks into gear, and I keep holding out hope that a certain book will make an appearance before the premiere (a girl can dream, right?).

I have personally been coping in a variety of ways – rewatching all six seasons of Game of Thrones, starting an in-depth reread of A Song of Ice and Fire, and working on a series of portraits based on the novels (this latest obsession of mine is responsible for my lack of blogging; I’ll do better, I promise!). Considering my slow pace and the vast number of characters, that alone should keep me occupied until A Dream of Spring is released. Below are the ones I’ve completed so far – please feel free to suggest future characters for me to work on.

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Not knowing how long we must wait makes it all the more frustrating. We can only make guesses as to when the next season of Game of Thrones will start (May? June? Gods forbid, July?), or when GRRM will release The Winds of Winter (some friends and I have a pool going; sadly my hopes for 2016 or early 2017 are quickly fading). Thankfully though, we know the wait will end…eventually.

How do you entertain yourself during the off season and the wait between books? Do you immerse yourself in anything Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones related, or do you avoid thinking about it completely?