Game of Thrones season 6 has come to an end, and what an end it was. I thought I would look back over my predictions to see where I was right, and where I missed the mark. Most of my predictions here came from my season finale post, but some are from before the premiere or early on in the season. I’ve assigned a completely subjective percentage based on how close I think I was for each storyline. Let’s take a look at my powers of deduction, shall we?

Meereen – 80%

Before the season started, I predicted Daenerys would be taken to the Dosh Khaleen at Vaes Dothrak, and that a show of her strength would unite the khalasars under her leadership. I had thought it would be Drogon appearing, but it was all Daenerys instead. I had also assumed Tyrion would keep the peace for a time, but eventually conflict would arise; the dragons and the united Dothraki would be instrumental in defeating Dany’s enemies. This all played out a bit differently than I thought, but the end result was as I expected – Daenerys leaving Daario to keep the peace in Meereen and finally sailing for Westeros.

The Riverlands – 50%

I had thought there would be a Red Wedding type incident at the Twins, but it didn’t quite play out that way. I did guess that Arya might kill Walder Frey, so I’ll count myself half right.

Dorne – 100%

Varys did indeed meet with Ellaria and Olenna, and the Dornish and Tyrell ships in Dany’s fleet mean they are backing her to overthrow Cersei.

King’s Landing – 90%

Cersei destroyed the Sept with wildfire, as expected. I thought it might spread out of control, but luckily for the people of King’s Landing, that hasn’t happened…yet. Unluckily, I was correct in thinking many prominent players (Margaery, Loras, Mace, Kevan, Pycelle, Tommen, Lancel, and the High Sparrow) would perish.

The North – 90%

Jon Snow came back from the dead, as I (and most of the fandom) predicted, and Melisandre did the deed. He left the Night’s Watch, defeated Ramsay, and took back Winterfell (but sadly not able to save Rickon). Sansa escaped and reunited with Jon, but she didn’t just order Ramsay’s execution – she carried it out (in spectacularly gruesome fashion).

Davos has become a key advisor for Jon and was instrumental in helping garner support for the Starks. He did confront Melisandre about Shireen, and Jon elected to send her away rather than execute her. Sansa apologizes to Jon for the deceit regarding Littlefinger and the Vale army, and Littlefinger admits he wants to marry Sansa (although I definitely did not foresee him admitting he wants the Iron Throne, and Sansa didn’t have him killed – yet). She is the Lady of Winterfell and Jon is King in the North, as expected.

Beyond the Wall – 75%

Bran did find out the true nature of the Others, and he was forced to escape the cave. I didn’t predict all of the deaths at the cave, or that Bran and Meera would encounter Benjen, but once they did I correctly guessed Benjen would lead Bran and Meera back toward Castle Black (the weirwood where Bran has his last vision seems to be the same one where Jon took his Night’s Watch vow). Bran finally saw the entire sequence at the Tower of Joy, and discovered the truth of Jon’s birth (Jon remains in the dark for now). The Wall is still standing, unlike my prediction that it might fall. I did think it was probably a bit too early – count on it for season 7 though.

Average – 80%

Apparently all of my reading and researching paid off; 80% isn’t too shabby. Let’s see if I can get that close (or better) next season!