At the beginning of Sunday’s episode, Blood of My Blood, Bran is still unconscious. We see that he is in vision mode, and a series of images flash rapidly across the screen. Many of the images repeat, but there seems to be importance to what Bran (and also the audience) is shown.

Here is a slowed down version:

The beginning contains several quick flashes that repeat throughout:

  • Jars of wildfire in some kind of storage room
  • A dragon flying over King’s Landing
  • Mad King Aerys
  • The Night King raising the dead at Hardhome
  • Bran falling
  • A winter landscape
  • The Red Wedding
  • Daenerys after hatching the dragons
  • The Night King turning a baby into a White Walker

Aside from these quick repeating flashes, we also get a few longer moments:

  • Ned Stark’s beheading
  • A flock of ravens
  • Alchemists pouring wildfire into jars
  • The Mad King yelling “burn them all”
  • Jaime Lannister killing the Mad King and then sitting on the throne
  • Young Ned at the Tower of Joy asking for his sister
  • A bloody hand over a bloody female body (Ned and Lyanna)
  • Leaf creating the first White Walker
  • Several scenes of the wights and White Walkers at Hardhome
  • Bran walking through the wight army and being touched by the Night King

Presumably these are all important moments that should tell us something about where the story is headed. Obviously there is a heavy focus on the wights and White Walkers, as that is the biggest threat to Westeros at the moment. Some of the other scenes – involving the Starks (Red Wedding and Ned’s execution) and the Mad King – have a common theme of betrayal. The Mad King’s plan to burn King’s Landing and Jaime subsequent killing of him sowed the seeds of discontent between the Starks and the Lannisters, which boiled over into outright war.

That conflict has ravaged and divided Westeros, making it woefully unprepared for the threat of winter and the White Walker invasion. They need to unite to survive, and perhaps Bran will later find out who could unite them (possibly the son of a Stark and a Targaryen). If Jon is Lyanna’s and Rhaegar’s child, he may be able to convince Daenerys to help him. Her dragons would be quite useful against the wight army.

Unfortunately, I think there will be more destruction ahead of the White Walker invasion – the wildfire explosion looks to be a future event, and I think Cersei will be responsible. In a previous post, I predicted she will use wildfire to burn down the Sept. If so, it will likely get out of control and kill many prominent characters – possibly including her son Tommen.

Perhaps if Daenerys arrives in a ruined King’s Landing, that will be more of an incentive for her to head North and try to salvage the rest of the realm. This may even have been foreshadowed in season three, during her visit to the House of the Undying. In the vision she has while inside, Daenerys walks into a ruined throne room with snow falling through the destroyed ceiling. She reaches out for the throne, but then turns away. As she exits, the door takes her to the Wall.