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Will the White Walkers Breach the Wall in Season 6? (Spoilers and speculation)


After watching the latest Game of Thrones episode, “The Door,” I’ve been thinking about the implications of Bran’s actions. In the episode, Bran enters a vision on his own only to encounter the White Walkers and their army of the dead. The Night’s King grabs his arm, leaving an icy blue mark. When Bran awakes, the Three Eyed Raven tells him that the White Walkers can now find Bran because of it, and that the magic surrounding the cave will no longer protect them.

When the White Walkers reach the cave, the Night’s King touches the ground and appears to send a shock wave toward the cave which “breaks” the magic. Now that Bran and Meera have escaped (assuming they will be able to outrun the White Walkers and their army), where will they go? The logical choice would be the Wall and the safety of Castle Black.

With Bran being marked, does that mean the Night’s King can find him anywhere? We know that the Wall is supposedly infused with magic to keep the White Walkers from passing; if Bran is on the other side, will the Night’s King be able to break that magic as well? I think it’s very likely we will see this happen, and that the Wall will come down by the end of the season.

Along these lines, did the Three Eyed Raven see that this would happen and purposely allow Bran to go into the vision on his own and be touched? Are he and the Children of the Forest really on the side of Men now, or were they using Bran all along? I’m not sure if we will get answers to these questions anytime soon. However, I do believe Bran and Meera will be allowed to escape, and that they will be intentionally driven toward the Wall so the White Walkers can use Bran to break through.

The possibility of the Wall falling is foreshadowed earlier in the episode, as Jon is leaving Castle Black. As Jon says his farewells, he walks over to his friend and acting Lord Commander, Dolorous Edd. Jon jokingly tells him, “Don’t knock it down while I’m gone.” I just hope Bran will give them enough of a warning to give them a fighting chance.


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  1. I’m thinking that the show might pull a fast one. Bran is certainly marked by the Night’s King, but there’s also someone that has a strong connection with the Others who is currently on a boat to Oldtown.

    Craster’s son (little Sam) is a child more or less owed to the Others by Craster. It’s possible that this tenuous proto-connection might allow the Night’s King to lead his forces past the barriers, that separate him from his “family”

    Just a thought. (I also like to think that Gilly is a sleeper agent. That all of Craster’s wives are devotees of the Night’s King, since they were carrying on the practice of sacrifice after Craster’s death, and opted not to hang out with the Night’s Watch afterwards. Witches!

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