Below is my running commentary of last night’s episode, Oathbreaker. As always, don’t read if you want to avoid spoilers.


We start where we left off last week, at Castle Black. Davos must have heard Jon gasping since last we saw him he had left the room. He looks stunned – isn’t this what he was trying to achieve? Poor Jon looks terrified and confused. And cold. Thankfully Davos has a cloak handy.

Melisandre looks shocked as well. She asks him what happened once he was stabbed; Jon not only knows nothing, but apparently also saw nothing after his death. Melisandre appears to be hitching her wagon to Jon Snow as the Lord of Light’s champion as she tells him there still needs to be a Prince that was Promised. That didn’t go so well for Stannis – hopefully it works out better for Jon.

Davos wisely sees that Jon doesn’t need any pressure from Melisandre right now and asks her to leave them. He gives Jon some much needed straight talk and doesn’t let him wallow in self pity. Davos will be a wonderful right hand man for him whatever he decides to do moving forward.

The wildlings think the resurrected Jon is a god, but Tormund quickly puts him in his place with a well timed pecker joke. Edd is so happy to see his friend has returned and that he seems to be mostly himself. He also gets Jon to smile – no easy feat under normal circumstances, but especially now.

Sam and Gilly are on a ship and Sam looks miserable. At least the baby has finally aged a little. Gilly is excited  to see Oldtown, but Sam dashes her hopes by saying he is leaving her at his family home, Horn Hill. Gilly seems accepting, but I’m not sure Sam’s father will make things easy for her.

Bran’s Tower of Joy vision – get hype! Cue people complaining about how it’s not 100 percent like the books. It looks like Arthur’s sword could be Dawn, even if no one explicitly says so. At least they are using some of the book dialogue; considering that the scene in the books was a dream, reality probably would be different anyway.

Ned dispatches one Kingsguard with ease (Oswell Whent?), and then there are four on one. Arthur Dayne proves why he was the greatest swordsman in Westeros. Ned really doesn’t stand a chance, but luckily for him Howland takes out Dayne from behind. Ned finishes the job, although he doesn’t look too happy about it.

We hear a woman (Lyanna!) screaming, then Ned appears to hear Bran. The Three Eyed Crow says it’s time to go, and book fans everywhere are in agony. Guess we’ll have to wait another week or two to see how the rest of this story plays out.

Daenerys makes it to Vaes Dothrak and is taken to the Dosh Khaleen. She is chastised for not coming sooner as it was her duty after Khal Drogo’s death. Daenerys tries to explain that she’s too important to be there, but the head of the Dosh Khaleen puts her in her place. She tells Dany that the khalasars will decide where Dany will go due to her defiance of tradition, and that the Dosh Khaleen is the best she can hope for now.

In Meereen, Varys interrogates the woman who helped the Sons of the Harpy kill Unsullied soldiers. He tells her he won’t torture her, but that she has a choice – tell him everything and receive his help to flee Meereen with her son for safety in Pentos, or be executed for treason. It seems to work, as Varys interrupts a very uncomfortable meeting of Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei to inform them that The Sons of the Harpy is being funded by Astapor, Yunkai, and Volantis – all under control of the slavers. Grey Worm and Missandei vote for violence, but Tyrion wants to send a message first.

In King’s Landing, Qyburn has taken over the management of Varys’ “little birds.” It’s uncomfortable seeing creepy Qyburn around children. Zombie Mountain enters and the kids can’t get out of there fast enough (not that I blame them). Jaime and Cersei discuss Cersei’s predicament and the upcoming trial by combat (which they are certain Zombie Mountain will win), and Cersei tells Qyburn that she wants informers everywhere.

Pycelle is running his mouth about Qyburn and Zombie Mountain in a small council meeting, so of course they walk in and hear it (along with Pycelle’s nervous, uh, emission). Something tells me Pycelle won’t be around much longer. It’s so good to see Olenna back, and the Queen of Thorns doesn’t waste time smacking Cersei down. Jaime and Cersei try to assert their power, but her uncle Kevan is having none of it, and the council members walk out.

Tommen pays a visit to the High Sparrow and similarly tries to assert his authority, but the High Sparrow easily manipulates him. He tells Tommen that Cersei is a liar, but that the Mother’s love shines through her regarding Tommen. He says the gods make their will known, and that Cersei and Tommen have to accept their judgment. Tommen is weak and seems like he will be swayed to the High Sparrow’s side.

Arya has returned to the House of Black and White but the beatings continue. She talks about Arya’s past and is forced to confess that the Hound was no longer on her list. The Waif asks her about the other names on her list and she names Cersei, Gregor, and Walder Frey. I think the Waif is going to be added to the list soon, if she hasn’t been already. Jaqen seems satisfied with Arya/No One’s progress and gives her sight back.

Back in Winterfell, Ramsay receives a visit from Lord Umber (Smalljon I assume). He doesn’t buy Ramsay’s story about Roose’s murder, but pledges to help support him to fight back the wildlings. Smalljon refuses to kneel or pledge an oath, but has brought a gift – Osha and Rickon, and (supposedly) the head of Shaggydog (which looks rather small in my opinion). Either this is all an elaborate ruse, or I really hate the Umbers now.

Back at Castle Black, Jon prepares to execute the traitors who murdered him. Bowen Marsh and Othell Yarwyck seem scared both by Jon’s presence and their impending deaths. Alliser Thorne is without remorse and says he’d do it all again. He stands by his choice and tells Jon his fight is over but that Jon will be fighting forever. Olly looks defiant and doesn’t say a word. Jon looks heartbroken, but resigned to do his duty. He cuts the rope and hangs them all.

Edd says Jon should burn the bodies, but Jon gives him his cloak and tells Edd he should do it, because Castle Black now belongs to him. Jon walks away, saying “My watch is ended.”

Overall, a good episode, and a nice bit of setup for the storylines to come. I think we all needed a breather from the tension and excitement of last week, but I don’t think it will last long.