Entertainment Weekly’s cover story this week features Kit Harington, in which he discusses the hows and whys of Jon Snow’s death and resurrection on Game of Thrones. Kit talks about the difficulty of keeping it a secret from friends and cast mates, and also how season 6 will be Jon Snow’s biggest season to date. The entire article is worth a read – you can pick it up in stores now or order a digital copy here.

There are a couple of tidbits I find quite interesting. Kit states that even after receiving the season 5 script containing his infamous stabbing, he held out hope that he would return since Game of Thrones never resolved the mystery of his parentage. “Why would there be this whole arc about your mother if that was never going to be relevant information because you died before finding out?” Why, indeed.

Kit later states, “There’s one episode this season, which is Jon’s story, that’s the most epic episode we’ve done.” So it appears we will discover who Jon’s mother is (and likely father as well – most of us are sure it isn’t Ned Stark). Since tonight’s episode will feature a vision of the Tower of Joy (you can read my previous post on why that’s so important), is it possible we will finally get the truth?

Mother’s Day would certainly be a fitting day to show the mother of Jon Snow, but unfortunately I think Game of Thrones will tease us and save that reveal for a later time. Hopefully that “epic episode” will be soon, and it will give us the answers we’ve been waiting years to see.