Here is my running commentary of last night’s episode, Home. HUGE spoilers within, so read at your own risk.


It looks like we are kicking things off in the Three Eyed Raven’s cave. It’s good to see Bran back – it appears the two of them received a visit from a barber while he’s been training. Now it’s vision time. Here are young Ned and Benjen Stark sparring under young Rodrik’s tutelage. I love seeing Winterfell during happier times. Yes! We have a young Lyanna riding in on a horse. I hope we get to see more of her this season. There’s young Hodor – no, Wyllis (no, Walder actually. Enough with the unnecessary name changes from the books guys).

Bran wants to stay longer… so do we all. It was good to see the Stark family happy again. And Hodor was talking; I wonder if we will find out what happened to him. Meera is out getting some fresh air. It must get stuffy in that cave. Boring, too. At least it sounds like they will leave the cave eventually, so Meera can have a purpose again.

At Castle Black, Alliser is trying to talk Davos into surrendering. Davos isn’t buying it. I don’t think I would be trying to bust down a door with an angry direwolf on the other side. This won’t end well for the Night’s Watch. Where’s the wildling cavalry when you need them? It’s sounds like there is a giant knocking on the door… Wun Wun is back, and he is pissed. Alliser wants to fight, but the odds are most definitely not in his favor. The guy who shot Wun Wun with that tiny arrow serves as a messy reminder not to fool around with a giant. Alliser’s men wisely surrender except for Olly, who clearly has a death wish.

Off to King’s Landing, where a random commoner is telling raunchy stories about Queen Cersei. I don’t see that going well for him. Cue Zombie Mountain – at least he gave him a quick death. Cersei looks like she wants to unleash Zombie Mountain on the guards who aren’t letting her attend her daughter’s funeral, but she restrains herself. She must be saving that for later.

Poor Myrcella. And poor Tommen losing another sibling. Jaime seems a bit naïve thinking that Cersei wouldn’t have Trystane killed. I wish he would stop defending her already. Has no one told him of Cersei’s crimes yet? The High Sparrow doesn’t seem too intimidated by the Kingslayer, and why would he when he has an army of militants to do his bidding? Jaime seems to finally realize the danger they are in, when the common people no longer support those in power.

Cersei is being very calm during Tommen’s apology – when is the crazy going to come out? Tommen definitely needs to grow a spine, but I don’t think his mother is the best person to look to for guidance. I hope he doesn’t become more like her.

We move on to Meereen and more eunuch jokes. That’s getting a bit old Tyrion. Meereen seems to be in worse trouble than they thought, as the slavers have undone all of Dany’s hard work in Astapor and Yunkai. “I drink and I know things” is now everyone’s new motto, and apparently Tyrion is confident enough in his dragon knowledge to pay them a visit. If the dragons know Missandei why on earth wouldn’t Tyrion take her with him?

Thankfully Tyrion’s plot armor is firmly in place or I’d be worried. Varys wisely isn’t having any part of this crazy plan. The dragons look amazing, and fierce. I really hope they understand the Common Tongue, for Tyrion’s sake. Tyrion tells them the story about wanting a dragon as a boy, and book readers rejoice! Tyrion is able to unchain them without getting burn to a crisp, and we all breathe a sigh of relief.

Time for more stick beatings in Braavos. I think the waif will come to regret this when Arya gets her sight back. Jaqen comes to the rescue, and seems to believe Arya is sincere about being no one. She hasn’t convinced me though, and probably never will.

At Winterfell Roose is looking for a way to fix the damage caused by Sansa’s escape. Ramsay wants to march on the Night’s Watch, but Roose doesn’t agree. He dishes up more criticism to Ramsay, who clearly doesn’t like it. Roose needs to be careful, especially now that Walda has just given him another son (who probably won’t live very long). Apparently neither will Roose – who didn’t see that coming? Good riddance Roose. Robb Stark sends his regards.

Ramsay doesn’t waste any time dispatching the last 2 threats to his brutal takeover of House Bolton. Poor Walda never had a chance. She shouldn’t have set foot in that kennel; I’m just glad that part was heard and not seen. I really can’t wait for Ramsay to die a (hopefully) horrible death.

In the woods and still on the run, Brienne tells Sansa that Arya is still alive. I hope they get to reunite soon. Sansa is reluctant to discuss her ordeal, and Brienne wisely doesn’t push the issue – poor Sansa has been through enough. Theon decides to go home, telling Sansa even taking the black won’t absolve him of his crimes, and that he doesn’t want forgiveness. I hate to see them part ways, and I’m very apprehensive about how Theon’s homecoming will go.

Speaking of home, we see the Iron Islands is still under Balon’s control. He is refusing to give up his plans for conquering Westeros, and Yara clearly isn’t happy. It’s time for Balon to go; he’s outlived his usefulness. It appears his brother Euron agrees, as he returns to confront Balon and throws him into the sea to his death. There will be a Kingsmoot to decide the new ruler, much to Yara’s dismay. How will she react to her uncle’s return? Will her life be at risk as well? Euron has proven he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Back to Castle Black, and Melisandre looks defeated. Davos is being awfully kind to her, considering their history. Once he finds out what she did to Shireen, that will definitely change. I’m not sure why Davos is asking her to bring Jon back, since he has never trusted her magic. He must be desperate for a strong and just leader to follow now that Stannis is gone. I’m surprised Melisandre didn’t think of it on her own. She should realize that if Jon comes back, her visions can still happen.

Jon appears very Jesus-like as Melisandre cleans his body. She looks tired and not at all confident, but fingers crossed she can pull it off. The anticipation is killing us all. Melisandre tries, and fails. She is giving up. Come on, open your eyes Jon. Please don’t leave us all hanging for another week…

Everyone leaves except Ghost, and he stirs. Clearly something is happening. Annnnd YES! Finally!! Millions of people are screaming at their TVs right now, and the internet is about to explode! After almost a year of waiting and speculating (and 5 long years for book readers), Jon’s resurrection is confirmed!

If tonight’s episode is any indication, this season is going to be the most exciting one yet. I can’t wait to see what next week holds in store!