April has arrived, which means the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere is quickly approaching! With just over 3 weeks to go, it’s not too late to plan a Game of Thrones themed party to celebrate the new season. Here are a few ideas to make it more memorable than the Red Wedding (and hopefully much more fun)!

1. Set the scene with some Westeros inspired décor.

Dim the lights and use candles for a medieval feel. If you are the artistic type, try making your own house sigil banners to put on display. You can also find them at the HBO shop, and Amazon has several sigil optionsHouse sigil wax seal coasters are another fun and inexpensive touch.


2. Don’t forget the royal treatment.

Give your guests the opportunity to sit the Iron Throne with a hilarious wall decal for the “throne” in your bathroom (much easier and less painful than the real thing).


3. Dress the part.

Make it a costume party by having your guests come dressed as their favorite characters. Some are ridiculously easy to make yourself (get some inspiration here). I created the look below for less than $100 with some thrift store shopping and inexpensive fabric. If DIY isn’t your thing, luckily you can still find costume items for purchase without breaking the bank.

FullSizeRenderHe still hasn’t forgiven me for the wig.

4. Don’t neglect the menu.

Whip up some medieval fare with a Westerosi flair. Inn at the Crossroads has sample recipes to try, or you can go all out by purchasing the official cookbook A Feast of Ice and Fire. And what would a Game of Thrones party be without some heads on spikes? Create some grisly fun with Ned Stark cake pops.

lemon cakes.jpgLemon cakes anyone?

5. Quench your thirst.

Last but not least, don’t forget the drinks! Try some Game of Thrones themed cocktails like the White Walker, Red Priestess, or Mother of Dragons (more ideas here), or be creative and make up your own.melisandre-game-of-thrones-cocktail-drink-26-640x1024.jpg

I’m currently planning my own Game of Thrones premiere party, so I will be incorporating some of these ideas myself. I’d love to hear your suggestions. If you have done a party like this in the past or are planning to do one this season, please let me know in the comment section.