With season 6 of Game of Thrones approaching – and no The Winds of Winter in sight – I’ll be doing a series of character predictions while we wait to find out what really happens. I’ll make separate predictions for Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire, since there will be divergence between the two. Having them written down here will give everyone a good laugh when we look back and see how wrong I was, but I’ll give it a shot.

Jon Snow in A Song of Ice and Fire

When we left Jon in A Dance with Dragons, he was bleeding in the snow after being attacked by his Night’s Watch brothers. I believe he will warg into Ghost for a time, and then be resurrected with Melisandre’s help. Maybe warging will help him preserve more of himself, or maybe he will display the “wolf blood” when he returns.

I think Jon will discover his true parentage (R+L) while “dead” – either by Bran connecting with him when he is in Ghost, or by him finally finishing his dream in the Winterfell crypts. My opinion is that he is a legitimate Targaryen with Lyanna and Rhaegar marrying in secret. The Kingsguard staying with Lyanna makes more sense that way, rather than them guarding a bastard. There are also numerous “king” references (link here) surrounding Jon throughout the text.

Jon won’t stay in the Night’s Watch – he will leave because his watch ended at his death. He will likely play a big part in the battle for Winterfell and win back his home for the Starks. He won’t become Lord of Winterfell, because his “siblings” (cousins) still live, and he won’t take their birthright from them.

I do believe Jon will be Azor Ahai reborn/The Prince that was Promised. He will be key in fighting (and later likely brokering a peace) with the Others. Some theories have him marrying an Other to seal a pact with them, but I believe he may become King of the Seven Kingdoms – more out of duty or because he is chosen rather than any desire for the throne on his part. There are too many clues and allusions to him being a king to discount them all.

Jon Snow in Game of Thrones (SPOILERS below)


Melisandre will resurrect Jon like Thoros resurrected Beric in Season 3. He will leave the Night’s Watch and march on the Boltons to take back the North (as evidenced by a photo taken during filming of him at the battle scene in Stark armor). Jon will defeat them and capture Ramsay, then execute him at Winterfell. I also believe Sansa will inform Jon of Littlefinger’s scheming, and Littlefinger will be killed as well. There were reports of a scene being filmed at Winterfell with these four actors and a giant(!), so perhaps Wun Wun will be doing the deed instead.

I don’t think Jon will find out his true parentage this season, but Bran will discover the truth in one of his visions (Tower of Joy). If the show doesn’t include Jon warging into Ghost, I’m not sure how he will relay this information to Jon – perhaps Meera and Hodor will leave the cave – or maybe he will find proof in the Winterfell crypts. I believe most of his story will follow his A Song of Ice and Fire arc, so ultimately his fate will be as outlined above.

I’m interested to hear your take, so please comment below to let me know how right (or wrong) I am.